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Mug 6+6

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6 + 6 = 66



Limited edition of mugs with the relief of the six on the bottom side and a golden print of the 66 logo can be an unusual gift for any BOTAS 66 fan.

Same as each our sneaker has on its heel just one six and only when one set the left shoe by the right one, the 66 logo is complete, also two mugs with the sixes create an inseparable couple. What else one would do with only one shoe and why would one drink coffee alone.

The concept was created in cooperation with designer Gabriel Vach and his project Hidden Factory, which follows the Czech porcelain tradition and thank to personal enthusiasm of many interested people it strives to keep it alive. The original mug is a part of Bohemia White collection by prof. Jiří Pelcl from 2004 for Český porcelán in Dubí.

Manufactured in Czech Republic





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