Botas 66 at the Prague Fashion Week

In the course of the last Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week, the most prestigious fashion event in the Czech Republic, which took place last week at the Kotva department store, an unannounced presentation of the new spring collection of BOTAS 66 took place. Several models from the new collection were selected by fashion designer Petra Ptáčková to accompany her new FW17 collection called Chapter I.

The young and talented fashion designer Petra Ptáčková has paradoxically been more seen abroad. She has learned to work with the manual “couture” techniques at the prestigious Parisian fashion design school and is currently studying a highly specialised program focused on knitting techniques in Northern Italy. Her work is characterised by poetic artistic aesthetics, use of a wide range of craft techniques and often a new concept. She has been presented in showrooms and fashion shows in all major fashion centers, her collections have been published in most fashion magazines, including Vogue, WeAr Magazine, Collection Russia, 160g Magazine, Hint Magazine, Sicky Magazine an more.

Photo: Sully Sundkvist

Petra Ptáčková’s show at this year’s spring Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week was unusually launched with a feast attended by all the models sitting at one table, a detail the designer was inspired with in the tradition of family feasts in Italy, where she currently is studying. The pillow-like accessories refer to the need to relax from the ubiquitous stress, and they are also an ironical remark to the fact that Italian women love feather jackets and coats.

It is not a surprise that Petra has chosen BOTAS 66 to accompany her collection made from recycled denim, hand-dyed fabrics and knitwear, all made in the spirit of “zero waste”. The trend of promoting sustainable fashion is currently very popular. We also support it.